Today, Dear Readers, I’m going to share with you the 99th page of my novel GUESTLIST. Why the 99th page? What kind of random fuckery is this? Well, apparently, the Page 99 Test is popular amongst writers and readers, used as sort of a litmus test to determine if the book being looked at is worth reading.

From Beyond Page 99:

The Page 99 Test is a test that readers have been doing for a long time.

You walk into Barnes & Noble or Chapters, wander around, find a book that intrigues you and check out the cover artwork, the title and author, and the snippet on the back – all of which are, of course, crafted to sell. Then? Then the savvy among us flip to page 99 and read that whole page.

That’s where the quality of the whole book can be revealed. How can that be? Well, page 99 is a perfectly random page and likely not as overworked as the opening and ending. So it can reveal a lot about the story, the tension – basically, the writing – in about 25 seconds.

Hmmm! Of course I have to wonder how GUESTLIST stacks up against this barometer of literary merit. So, Dear Readers, I present to you PAGE 99 of GUESTLIST below:

I also plan on posting this at Page 99 to see if it passes muster with their contingent of readers. But I’d like you to share your thoughts with me. What did you think of that single page. Were you intrigued? Did you want to know more? Want to see what happens next, or even what happened before? LMK in the comments below!

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