Right now, I’m sitting at the Jury Duty Fun Time House (as it’s called on Foursquare) awaiting the chance to perform my civic duty as a juror. Believe me, I’m not happy about this. Alas, it is a necessary inconvenience if I want to vote and enjoy the freedoms this great country affords us, no?

Luckily, the Jury Duty Fun Time House come equipped with vending machines and free wi-fi—how else do you think I’m publishing this blog post? (Okay, I could be using an app but I’m not, I’m on le MacBook Air.) I’ve spent a good portion of the morning putting the finishing touches on my novelette Kisses for Tati, which is slated for release next month. One of the things I’m including in this release is a sneak preview of my second novel, entitled Orange Mound.

Yes, you read that right. My second novel is named after my old Memphis neighborhood. Yeen mad, is it?

I’m also doing a bit of editing and revising while I sit here, wasting my life away. By the time you read this it will nearly be lunch time and I’m starving like a hostage. Luckily, I’m a ten-minute train ride away from my house.

Oh! Oh! They just released us for lunch! Time to wrap this up, go home, and enjoy a fried bologna sammich. I will holler!

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