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Yes, yes, I am behind on posting my Instagram #MarchPhotoADay Challenge photos but at least I am posting them. This was taken on Sunday, as I was walking to meet a friend for brunch. Here it is, yo: “My Neighborhood.” I live in the glorious Clinton Hill neighborhood of the most excellent borough of Brooklyn in the best city in the [...]

Again, a day behind on posting my Instagram #MarchPhotoADay Challenge photos but you’ll live. This was taken last night, I’m just posting it today. Here ya go, IGers: “Fruit.” This photo of limes was taken at El Gato Verde Sports Bar in Jackson Heights, Queens. I was served a green vodka tonic and I’m pretty sure the voluptuous [...]

I’m a day behind, I got a late start, but here it is, the first of my Instagram #MarchPhotoADay Challenge photos – “Up.” It’s nothing special. I was on my way to the laundromat last night (please don’t ask) and I tilted my phone skyward and took a snap. Hooray! Share this:

So I failed the #FebPhotoADay miserably. Oy. But hey, tomorrow begins a new month, and that means a shot at redemption with a new photo challenge. Hooray! And to ensure I don’t fail this time, I’m going to post each of my #MarchPhotoADay pictures on my blog. If I miss a day, y’all can call me [...]