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Recorded last night as I walked home, a bit tipsy, from Night of the Cookers. I’m not really saying anything, but hey, I promised you more videos. Here ya go. Oh, the song playing in the background is “She” by Tyler, the Creator featuring Frank Ocean. GOLF WANG! Share this:

First, I need y’all to udnerstand something. I am currently blogging from a bar. From a motherfucking bar. And not that cute, mobile-style blogging via the WordPress app (which is pretty fucking boss, btw). I’ve got my MacBook Air out on a dirty table, hammering shit out while sipping on a Blue Point and surrounded [...]

It appears that Matthew Broderick is reprising his iconic Ferris Bueller character for a commercial of some sort that will air during Super Bowl XLVI. This is all speculation based on the above ten-second teaser unearthed by Vulture. As they state: It’s not so shocking that an advertiser would bank on Broderick/Bueller’s enduring legacy as [...]